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Why I'm Passionate About Mood Tracking

"What is your passion?"

This question that is so often asked used to be a stress in my life. I had hobbies and interests, but there was nothing that I felt i LOVED so much to call it my passion.

Are you also wondering the same thing?

Before I started seeing a counsellor for therapy (I was later diagnosed with severe depression), I often felt like I had no answers to these kind of questions. Almost like I didn't even know who I was. I don't know if you've ever felt like that, or perhaps you might even be feeling this way now.

Instead of seeking to find my passion like it was a treasure hunt and that I was somehow inadequate and a failure for not having it, I learnt to "Follow My Fun".

Tracking my mood started out as a fun art activity; a way to visualize my moods. It felt fun (in a slightly twisted way) to treat myself as the test subject I was experimenting on. I was curious to find out if the belief I had that "I feel so lousy all the time" was real.

I really enjoyed it and saw new patterns in the way I felt and how it affected the way I act. Turns out I had 10 bad mood days in my first month - less than half of the month (which isn't thaaaat bad). I never expected that after 2 years of mood tracking, I still found it fun, and my love for it grew and grew over time that I started this passion project to share the benefits I've received from it with the world. We are still in the early stages of sharing Mood Potatoes with the world. But I'm so happy to receive many positive feedback from users in the last 6 months.

The point that I want to share here is that even if you haven't found "your passion", it's ok. Keep pursuing things that you are interested in, keep trying new things, never dim that inquisitive child-like nature within to have fun.

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