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My Lesson Of 2020

Life is a continuous learning experience. That's why it's called the school of life.

Each lesson we master, we unlock the next level, as we climb the levels towards mastery. Through my therapy sessions, I've learnt many things about myself and how to see things from different perspectives. I feel like each time I encounter something yucky, it teaches me something. That's why I now see depression as a gift. It shows me what isn't working in my life and how I can do things differently to change the circumstances causing me stress and sadness, or how to change how I see them.

Afterall, I am seeking to experience more peace and happiness.

This year, the main theme of focus for me is to select a project and stick to it.

Almost all of the projects and ideas I've embarked on over the years, I've dropped when people gave me negative feedback and views. And even now, I still take criticism personally like it's an attack on who I am, instead of an objective opinion of what I have created. There is this enmeshment of who I am and what I have done. Awareness of this pattern has helped me to take steps to improve on this.

I am learning to believe in myself more, while taking feedback objectively to improve on what I'm doing, rather than dumping it entirely. Working on Mood Potatoes for the past year is helping me to master this lesson and not give up halfway.

The main things keeping me going are

  1. Someone believes in my vision and has invested to bring it to reality

  2. There are so many who could benefit from what I have to share, that will never do so if i stop now

  3. Giving up on one project, will just leave an itch that I need to scratch, and I'll just end up starting on a different project again.

Mood Potatoes is a startup still in it's infancy stages, but it is born of my desire to create something, that will benefit others through sharing my experiences and what I have learnt.

I've started watching the new Korean drama "It's Ok To Not Be Okay"and in the first episode, there's an interesting part in the children's story book which I think ties in well with this blog post.

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