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=What you'll really get=

  • regain control over lashing out defensively at others 

  • meet your toxic, negative emotions with understanding to transform them with love (and even become friends)

  • find the toxic origin point causing all the turmoil in your emotional health right now

  • balance your emotions with rational thought to gain clarity

  • learn how to ride the turbulent waves of your feelings so you're in sync with the rhythm and not against it (resistance causes motion-sickness and nausea)

  • experience more good days than bad

  • connect with your inner guidance, wisdom and intuition

  • form a baseline of your mood trends and see what they look like

  • create a beautiful artistic result at the end

  • a simple process that you can actually incorporate into your daily life

  • strip away the layers holding you back from achieving your dreams

  • be set free, to become who you really are

  • find happiness, motivation and life again

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This is for you if : 

-You’re sick and tired of being in a funk, not feeling like your usual self

-You are ready to heed the inner calling to live your best life 

-You can afford this course without putting yourself in financial harm 

-You honour and respect boundaries. 

This is not for you if: 

-you need 1 on 1 hand holding and guiding in person 

-you aren’t able to respect boundaries 

-you are comfortable feeling lousy low and moody all the time 

=What you get=

  • 21 days of daily prompts to rewire your brain and release the "energetic cancers" causing your bad days (I've broken them down into short videos and step by step instructions)

  • Baby steps as we dive deeper each day following a plan backed by neuroscience to make lasting changes and see consistent improvement in how you feel

  • 5 step process that takes only 10 minutes a day that is the simplest and most effective of all the things I've tried in the last 10 years (it's both fun and a bit challenging, but nothing that you can't handle)

  • Facebook group lifetime access to repeat as many times as you like and connect with others on the same journey

  • Do it with me as I guide you out of the darkness of your worries, thoughts, chaotic thinking, depression, and feeling that "I can't", the feeling that you haven't achieved your goals and that feeling that there's something you could be doing but you're just not getting there.

Why learn from me ?


I first experienced depression when I was 14, and have since spent 16 years doing all sorts of things to cope with, maintain and improve mental health. I’ve spent multiple 5 figures $$ on courses, coaching, therapy, new age modalities not limited to meditation, crystals, essential oils, flower essences, past lives, breathwork, rebirthing, energy healing, psychics, fengshui, destiny chart, numerology, tarot cards, oracle cards, Lenormand, Akashic records and sacred activations. Phew, that is a long list of things. 

While many people are facing their mental health for the first time this year amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, and are panicking, stressed and worried while stuck in their homes, I on the other hand have had years of experience with these feelings and have kept them under control despite the news and numbers, conspiracy theories and fears. 


In 2018 I was broke, unemployed and being supported financially by my parents. I felt really lost and at a breaking point. After I started following a consistent, daily plan that was simple enough, I started to see improvements in the way I felt and saw my life. I took small steps and things got better and better. I now hold a job and run a business that I’m proud of. 


If someone had extended a hand to me when I needed it the most, in anxiety at night unable to sleep, or crying so much feeling stuck with indecision and unable to take action…


Perhaps I would not have spent 10 years feeling my way out of the dark. 


But I do know that because I’ve been through all those really tough times, I appreciate the good days more because I treasure how valuable they are and I now do everything I can to defend that. 


If you feel like something inside you seems to be missing, lost or maybe even dead and you’ve ever wondered to yourself “What if it’s gone forever?”... 

If it sometimes feels so dark, you can’t see ahead and you’re turning round and round in the same spot, unsure of what to do…  


And if you feel this throbbing in your heart that you might be ready to try again. And you feel hopeful that you can find that spark within, motivation and energy, then I invite you to heed that call.  

We start 4.30am SGT on 1 August (Saturday) 2020 where the course notes will be released on a dedicated member site. Details will be sent to you. You are free to access anytime after that at your own pace. 


That’s 6.30am in Brisbane or 1.30pm Pacific Time on Friday 31 July.


I took a really long route to find my way and if by sharing what I know can help you to shorten that length of pain, I’d say it’s worth it. 


$29 USD

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