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What makes you happy and grateful for the things you have in your life?

How do you usually track your mental health conditions? 

Do you know what type of triggers alter your moods throughout the day? 

Mood Potatoes is a free mood tracker app for iOS and Android that helps you find the answers to the above mentioned questions and does whatever it takes to help you find the better version of yourself, be happier and more satsfied, reach a stable mental health condition, and much more. 

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Know how you feel daily

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Track your daily happiness levels

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Let's improve your mood together !

The App

That Makes Mood Tracking Fun 


Hi ! I'm Mood Potato.

Your personal mood tracking companion

Why Us

3 Steps to Improved Mental Wellness

in less than 5 minutes a day

Step 1 :Record your mood

Step 2: Associate your mood with colors

Step 3: Gratitude Journal


Read Potato's story of transformation and finding his mission in life 


Everybody Loves Mood Potatoes!

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"Designed by a depression survivor, Mood Potatoes brings much needed joy, hope and encouragement during my dark times."

Maegan, mother of 2 under 5

Try Mood Potatoes for Free!

Your mental health will thank you for it.

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Mood tracker, mindful journal & anti-depression app to maintain a happy routine


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